Lesson Plans

The wheelchair rugby schools program was designed by teachers for teachers and is intended to be flexible enough to meet a wide range of educational needs. While the thirteen lessons were originally designed to be taught in sequence, they stand alone and can be taught individually or combined with any other lessons to make up a unit of your choosing.

To your right, you will find downloadable PDFs of all the lesson plans. These contain teaching plans, PLOs, handouts, glossaries and all other supporting materials. To your left, you will find an electronic version of these documents, which contains links to all online supporting materials. This section will be updated to ensure that all online resources are current.


Lesson 1 - A Day in the Life of a Wheelchair Athlete
Lesson 2 - What is a Disability?
Lesson 3 - Understanding the Spine
Lesson 4 - The Classification System
Lesson 5 - Wheelchair Rugby Chairs
Lesson 6 - Wheelchair Rugby/ Murderball - The Game
Lesson 7 - Wheelchair Rugby Sport Trading Cards
Lesson 8 - Mapping
Lesson 9 - Flat Flags
Lesson 10 - The Growth of Wheelchair Rugby
Lesson 11 - Travel Distances
Lesson 12 - Time Zones
Lesson 13 - Scooter Rugby