Lesson 5

Wheelchair Rugby Chairs

Timing: 2 x 45 minute blocks



OVERVIEW: This lesson develops an understanding of the design and purpose of the two types of wheelchair rugby wheelchairs and how they differ from the day wheelchair.

Students will:

  • learn about the structural differences amongst various wheelchairs
  • learn about and understand the role of the offensive and defensive rugby wheelchairs


Teaching Activities

  1. With the class, review the Day Wheelchair Worksheet on an overhead transparency. Review the components of this wheelchair as listed, provide information about the components and together complete the worksheet on the overhead.
  2. With the class, review the photographs of the wheelchairs on an overhead transparency. Review the components of all three wheelchairs. Discuss each part of the wheelchair and describe the function of each component.
  3. Individually or in pairs, complete a Wheelchair Venn Diagram (comparison chart) which compares the wheelchair rugby chair with the day chair. The parts of the chairs that are similar should go in the section where the two circles overlap; parts that are different go in either the rugby circle or the day circle.
  4. Research the evolution of the wheelchair over the past 30 years. Present findings in a brief written or verbal report or through a series of illustrations of the wheelchair.
  5. Describe how the change in sport wheelchairs over the years has impacted athletes and their sports.
  6. Research and illustrate a specific sport wheelchair: basketball, racing, throwing, tennis.
  7. Wheelchairs have changed over the years. Design, illustrate and label a futuristic wheelchair. Explain why it will be more efficient and effective than the traditional current wheelchairs.