Lesson 8


Timing: 3 x 45 minute blocks

CROSS-CURRICULAR: Language Arts, Social Studies, Fine Arts


OVERVIEW: This lesson, using geography and multiculturalism, involves mapping countries that have participated in the most current World Championships or Paralympic Games and compares them with historical involvement.*
* This complements Lesson 10 — The Growth of Wheelchair Rugby and Lesson 7 — Wheelchair Rugby Sport Trading Cards.

Students will:

  • share family origins to appreciate their own multiculturalism
  • research countries participating in the most current World Championships or Paralympic Games and locate and label on maps
  • compare recent international participation with the earlier years (see Extension Activities)
  • research a specific country participating in the most current World Championships or Paralympic Games (see Extension Activities)


Teaching Activities

  1. With the class, request information about the country of origin of their parents, grandparents or other family members. Through this discussion, students will gain an appreciation of the multicultural aspect of Canada. This will lead into an appreciation of the increasingly international aspect of wheelchair rugby. Following the discussion, the teacher can choose from Option 1 or 2, which will provide background information for the next activities.
    • Option 1 — Working in small groups, have students research the countries participating in major international competitions (past and present) using internet access.
    • Option 2 — Working in small groups, provide students with a list of countries that are participating in the most current World Championships or Paralympics. Within each group, have students responsible for a certain aspect of the task (e.g. labeling the country and attaching string or coloured wool between the country of origin and the host city on the wall map).


1. United States
2. Australia
3. Japan
4. Sweden
5. Canada
6. Great Britain
7. Belgium
8. France
9. New Zealand
10. Poland

This activity can include the top 26 ranked teams on the IWRF website.

Extension Activities

  1. In pairs or small groups, have students choose one particular aspect of growth in wheelchair rugby since 1995 and present (i.e. written, oral, poster display) that information to the class (e.g. explore the number of teams participating since 1995). Students should note the popularity of wheelchair rugby is growing and new teams continue to be added to international competition. Refer to Lesson 10 — The Growth of Wheelchair Rugby, which includes all of the data.
  2. Individually, have students choose a specific country participating in a major international competition to research and develop a small brochure. This could include the name of the country, capital city, flag, language, food, geography and/or a cultural highlight.