Lesson 9

Flat Flags — Well Wishes for the Athletes from Around the World

Timing: 3-4 x 45 minute block

CROSS-CURRICULAR: Language Arts, Fine Arts, Social Studies


OVERVIEW: This lesson will educate students and teachers about the international aspects of wheelchair rugby while fostering positive attitudes about how to include more persons with disabilities in physical activity and resulting in being knowledgeable fans.

Students will:

  • create a replica of one of the flags of competing countries of the most current World Championships or Paralympic Games
  • write a postcard to a Wheelchair Rugby athlete wishing them good luck and letting them know that children and youth are supporting them from all around the world


  • Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown — from library
  • Duncan Campbell’s Story
  • cardstock, paper (e.g. manila tag), (8.5” x 11”) cut in half width wise resulting in an 8.5 x 5.5 size
  • Flat Flag Postcard Sample
  • coloured construction paper, fabric pieces, crepe paper, tissue paper, recycled magazines etc.
  • scissors and glue

Teaching Activities

  1. Read the Flat Stanley story and/or share Duncan Campbell’s Story. Brainstorm ways in which the students can offer support to wheelchair rugby athletes.
  2. Create Flat Flag postcards with the class. Share the pictures of the competing countries’ flags. Explain they will be creating a postcard, writing on one side and re-creating the flag of one of the competing countries on the other. Have the students draft a rough copy of their postcard by hand drawing in the required elements of each of the flags. The flag image then can be decorated by choosing a variety of materials provided.
  3. Students can either mail these cards to the athletes or use them to decorate the venue of a local competition.

Extension Activities

  1. Create a giant flag that everyone in the class or school signs and sends to the venue where the event is taking place.